NRCS and VC9100 – What you need to know

VC9100 came into effect from 8th October 2019 and all processed meat producers are now required to register with the NRCS.

If you are not aware of the VC and what it means for your business , download it from the SAMPA legislation page on the SAMPA website.

It is compulsory for all producers of processed meat in South Africa to register with the NRCS.

To register on line go to and look for the link on the home page.

The NRCS held meetings with industry countrywide between 30th September and 3rd October to explain how the roll-out of the VC will take place and what the proposed levy per kg is.

The proposed levy is R 0.14 per kg for all high volume , low value products – e.g. Viennas, Polony, Russians.

The proposed levy isĀ  R0.23 per kg for high value, low volume products- e.g. Ham, Salami, Cooked Corned Beef