The food industry and specifically the meat processing industry adheres to regulations set-out by governmental regulators. This ensures that we deliver safe and quality foods to consumers. Although there are various regulations in place, consumers should always practice food safety and hygiene in their homes.

R 638 – Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises & Transport of Food and Related Matters

VC9100 Compulsory Specifications for Processed Meat Products

R 908 – HACCP Regulation

Agricultural Products Standards Act

Sodium Regulation Amendment 2017

Regulation for Boerewors and Sausage R 2718

Maximum Metals Foods

Labelling R 146

Consumer Protection Act

R 908 -HACCP Regulations Amendment – June 2018

Regulation regarding the Classification , Packing and Marking of Processed Meat Products intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa R 1283

Draft – Raw Processed Meat Regulation

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